THE N IMPACT® is a collaborative strategic marketing consultancy.

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'N' represents the new age we find ourselves in, led by digitization, emerging technologies and evolving consumer behaviors. We harness these forces to propel your brand forward. If you're looking for a consultancy that combines innovation and hands-on collaboration, THE N IMPACT is the right partner for you.

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Years experience

We have over 50 years in collective experience serving clients in the UAE & overseas.



We've worked with over 100 clients in the UAE and internationally.


Partner Agencies

We have partnered with external 5 agencies for our clients requirements.


We combine expertise and action. See what we can do for you.

Marketing Strategy Development

Crafting winning strategies to drive your brand's growth and market success.

Brand Positioning

Defining your unique space in the market for maximum impact and differentiation.

Analytic Reporting

Powerful data insights to optimize your business decisions and measure performance.

Brand Audit

We analyze every business aspect to refine and elevate your brand's identity, positioning and performance.

Digital Marketing

Strengthen your brand's presence, boost engagement and magnify its reach across social media platforms.

Content Creation

Ensuring your content converts and that every asset aligns with your commercial goals, and builds a conversation around your brand.

Campaign Planning

We strategically craft a blueprint to create impactful campaigns that deliver consistent results

Brand Identity & Design

Transforming your company into a cohesive system of form, voice, and experience, conveying your brand identity consistently and purposefully.

Web Design

Assisting your business to develop a seamless and intuitive user experience that aligns website design and business goals.


Explore versatile options to collaborate

Flexible Engagement Options


Project Based Engagement

Fractional CMOs hired forspecific projects with adefined scope of work.


Part Time Engagement

Ongoing marketing support and guidance on apart-time basis.



Filling temporary leadership gaps until a permanent replacement is found.



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George Ninan

Managing Partner